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The Company

Shellie V Designs is a New York-based, 100% locally handmade footwear brand. Co-led by a mother and son team, Shellie V Designs was started to prove that an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with minimalistic eye-catching designs is a timeless recipe for creating wearable pieces of art.

All Shellie V footwear designs are predicated on a modern and edgy, internationally patented sole design originally created by Shellie Vigilance in 1999.


During a vacation trip back to her native Guyana, Shellie Vigilance was inspired by childhood leather footwear-making memories to start sketching a particular leather sole design that came to her. 


After working with a local cobbler to make her sketch into a sandals prototype, Shellie wore her creation and was encouraged by the extensive positive feedback she received.


Back in the USA, Shellie continued to wear her creation and the compliments followed. Shellie has continued to create for her personal use additional footwear designs that are based on her original sandal shape. After countlessly getting stopped by strangers to find out where she bought her edgy designs, Shellie realized it was time to release her personal creations to the world.

While Shellie V leads all design aspects for Shellie V Designs, Greg Vixama leads the business management and operations of the company. 


Greg was with his mom one day in 2014 when an excited and particularly persistent stranger approached Shellie about where she could buy a pair of the custom made flats that Shellie had on. That experience was Greg’s impetus to help guide Shellie V. Designs into reality. 


Greg has a B.S. in Applied Economics and Management as well as an MBA from Cornell University. Experienced in business management and in strategic analysis, Greg’s focus is wearing the multiple hats necessary to scale Shellie V Designs into a customer-centric, global footwear brand. 


Each footwear design we create is built off an internationally patented sole shape design that is the cornerstone of the Shellie V Designs brand. Shellie V designed the eye-catching shape in 1999 while on a trip back to her native Guyana. 


Leveraging her leather-pattern making skills originally developed as a child in Guyana, Shellie V worked with a local cobbler to bring her design to fruition. The design has been further refined to what you see today.


Each design is handcrafted locally within the New York metro. We start with the highest quality leathers that we can get our hands on, and then we handcraft each footwear design meticulously into what we truly consider wearable art. 


Our intention is to create footwear designs that have timeless appeal and that can transcend seasonality.


Why can’t your flats make you feel just as sexy, as bold, and as elegant as your favorite heels make you feel?


This conundrum is the essence of why Shellie V Designs was started.


Shellie worked with an experienced New York artisan to strike the perfect balance of edginess, simplistic elegance, and quality while creating lightweight, wearable art for the modern woman.


Shellie V didn’t create the original Mods to sell to anyone. Rather, Shellie V designed for her own use something that synthesized her principles of simplistic elegance, quality, and originality. 


The story hasn’t changed. Every Shellie V Designs creation originates from Shellie V’s foundational principles, allowing her to create designs that have timeless appeal and that transcend seasonality. 

100% Original Products

100% Locally Handmade

Designed to re-imagine how flats can make you feel


Staying true to our New York roots, all Shellie V Designs are conceptualized and prototyped in Long Island, NY, while the end products are each handcrafted a stone throw away from Manhattan in Hoboken, NJ.


Yes, we could have followed the well-worn path of manufacturing our footwear designs for a lower price overseas, but a staple of Shellie V Designs is everything is handmade locally within the New York metro.

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